Spain won the EURO 2008

Spain won the European title after a spectacular final in Germany. A final that he has won due to a goal scored by Torres in the 33rd minute and due to excellent team play.

The second European trophy for Spain comes to third in a final. Until now, the Iberians have only won one time in the last European Championship since 1964. The Spanish national played the second Euro finals in 1984, but was then defeated by France with a score of 2-0.

The match at the Ernst Happel stadium in Vienna from the 2008 Euro 2008 final was quite special, with a Spanish team that gradually increased its pace and, after a hesitant start, faced a defeated German team.

Germany started the finals better and threatened Casillas's casualty a few times. Iberian's replay was not expected and Torres sent the bar in the 23rd minute, an action that was to announce the goal in the 33rd minute managed by the same striker of Spain.